About Me


Divart Design is a Portuguese brand created in 2016 that produces handmade stylish accessories for whole family and home, made from unique and innovative fabrics.

Divart wants to show you a wide variety of handmade products typical from Portugal, made by people with great skills for crafts and a great passion for creating new goods.

This project came from a young girl, natural from Porto, in love with craftsmanship and looking forward to developed her own pieces of art.

She studied several areas, started by communication, sales and even informatics applied to design, join the pleasure of photography to the experience in retail and took all that information to give wings at this dream with the aim of estimating the craft, which unfortunately was devalued with the industrial revolution.

This project is a culmination of a dream come true. Is the opportunity to give craftsmanship the fair highlight.  

Divart wants to share with you the diversity of art! Having the pleasure to show you a wide range of different products inspired and tested to the customer's satisfaction.

Each product is designed by Filipa Cunha and handmade by a selected knit production team.

Limited quantities are available. Each piece of art is unique and it was specially design for you. Please handle it with care.